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  • Description

    The Jenkins Iron & Steel heavy duty Stump Grinder with hydraulic swing and depth control and a 25″ diameter cutting wheel, will shear your stumps to dust, rather than shred making it more efficient for more power. The carbide Greenteeth can be rotated 3 times before having to replace them.

  • Features
    • Eaton Char-Lynn motor
    • Hydraulic swing and depth control
    • 25″ diameter cutting wheel
    • Carbide Greenteeth (rotate 3 times before replacing)
    • Commercial 3/4″ HD disc
    • Hydraulically adjustable vertically and horizontally
    • Standard flow only, 14-25gpm
  • Specifications
    • 74″ total length
    • 48″ arm length
    • 28″ high
    • 652 lbs
  • Video