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One Concave.
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Drop Pan System

Bushel Plus

The Bushel Plus system is the authentic combine calibration system, designed to quantify your harvest loss by determining exactly how

Concave System (Case IH)

Copperhead Ag

The Copperhead Concave Systems utilizes notched bars for restricted flow. This allows more material in the concave area, increasing grain

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Customer Feedback

Harvest Equipment

“In our canola fields we saved 1-3 bushels/acre which doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s anywhere from $11-33/acre! That’s huge! I’ve heard other farmers saving 7-8 bushels/acre just from using the BushelPlus…”


Elm Creek, MB, Canada
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over Wifi

Temperature Range

-30°C/-22°F to 60°C/140°F

Drop Pan System

Bushel Plus

Save up to

0.8g = X Bushel/Acre

Loss Before

8.1g = X Bushel/Acre

Loss After

0.8g = X Bushel/Acre

Grapple Bucket

Jenkins Iron and Steel

The Jenkins Iron & Steel Grapple Bucket features a 3/16″ bucket material with 1/2″ end caps that have bolt on removable side plates that remove easily for passing long debris (logs, pipe etc.) through the center of the grapples, under strapped with ¾” by 2 ¾” solid steel bands that tie into and strengthens the...

Customer Feedback

Grapple Bucket

“Love this grapple! Thanks for a great product from all of us at Full Throttle Repair. We heat our shop with wood and cut around 50 pickup loads a year.”

-Nathan B.

Video Resources

Accurate Moisture Testing for Harvest 2018

Prairie Grain Analyzer

Customer gives feedback on Bushel Plus System

Bushel Plus

Is your combine calibrated to give you the most out of Harvest 2018?

Bushel Plus

Best Grapple Bucket on the Market

Jenkins Iron and Steel

NEW! 4 in 1 Bucket

Jenkins Iron and Steel

The Ultimate Brush Mower for Skid Steers and Loader Attachments

Jenkins Iron and Steel


Grapple Bucket

The Jenkins Iron & Steel Grapple Bucket is one of many versatile buckets Thunderstruck Ag sells. What makes this product invaluable is its ability to grab and transport rocks and other materials...

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