About MudSmith

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel was created on the Smith family farm in North Eastern South Dakota in an effort to improve planting efficiency during wet soil conditions. The Smiths began no-tilling in the early 1990’s, and the combination of no-till and living in the prairie pothole region caused wheel plugging that caused delays, repairs, and stress. After trying different designs they progressed to the 3 spoke wheel. This wheel has proven to be the most plug-free design available in addition to offering outstanding durability.


Are there different tire profiles for Gauge Wheels?

Yes, there are 2 main tire profiles used on planters and drills.

  • Standard profiles which is most common, found on JD, Kinze, White etc.
  • RID profile (Reduced Inner Diameter) which is most commonly found on CASE IH planters and some drills.

Why do I need to know if my Gauge Wheel is 6 or 8 bolt?

Replacement parts are different for the two different sizes.

How do I know if my Gauge Wheel 6 bolt or 8 bolt?

If your gauge wheel has 6 bolts in the outer ring it’s a 6-bolt Gauge Wheel.

If your gauge wheel has 8 bolts in the outer ring it’s a 8-bolt Gauge Wheel.