About RRV Canola Disk

As farmers and we like to tinker and discover solutions to known problems. We were never satisfied with the seeding process for Canola or Sesame and had heard of a system being used for Sugar Beet planting. Inspired by that design, we set out to create a product that would increase our yields while decreasing costs. After months of prototypes and manufacturing trials, we’ve finally discovered the most efficient way to plant Canola and Sesame.  The RRV Seed Metering Disk


Can I use the RRV Canola Disk for anything besides canola?

Yes, you can use it for Sesame and Millet!

How to install Nozzle Inserts

CCS Pressure

Proper Depth Control

Row Setup

Does a planter affect my germination rate?

Knockout Wheel Installation

Why am I missing a nozzle insert?

What speed should I be planting at?

How do I put my fertilizer down?

Should I adjust spacing based on variety?

What can I expect for yield?

Why should I start using the RRV Disk?

What was the motivation for developing the Disk?

What is the difference between RRV and other Disks?

How to install a Mini Hopper Screen