Receiver Hitch

Receiver Hitch

Jenkins Iron & Steel

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  • Description

    Hook up to the Jenkins Iron & Steel Receiver Hitch and let the skid loader or tractor do the work for you. This hitch allows you to quickly and easily guide equipment to where you need to, without the inconvenience of hooking it up. Works with any trailer including goosenecks!


  • Features
    • Works with goosenecks
    • Heavy duty
    • Commercial grade
    • All attachments can be modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
    • Various skid steer loader mounts available
  • Specifications
    Width 46″
    Height 19″
    Depth 21″
    Weight (lbs) 130
  • Compatibility
    • John Deere
    • Westendorf
    • Global
    • Euro
    • Koyker
    • New Holland
    • Kubota
    • Bobcat
    • & More