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Hydraulic Angle Winged Snow Blade

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Hands down the best commercial wing blade available the Jenkins commercial hydraulic wing blade features full trip blade edge as well as trip edges on both wings. This wing blade features an oscillating quick attach plate so it will follow the contours of the ground as well as forward oscillation for better surface contact. The two 2’ hydraulic wings are independently controllable so you can use the pusher as a large angle blade, fold one wing in and you have a stop preventing snow from leaking around the side or fold both wings in for a full pusher effect! All wing blades have a full ¾” reversible replaceable bolt-on hardened cutting edge for max wear and adjustable shoes. Easily back drag doors and scrape clean all surfaces. Available in 6’+ 4’, 7’+ 4’ and 8’+ 4’ all delivered to your door for free!

This attachment comes with either a generic or 14 pin harness. Note there are 7 pin Bobcat harnesses available, at an extra charge.

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  • 2′ hydraulic wings
  • oscillating quick attach plate
  • full trip edge
  • full trip wing edge

Compatibile with

  • John Deere
  • Westendorf
  • Global
  • Euro
  • Bobcat
  • Kubota
  • & More