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Seed Boot

For proper seed placement inspect your drill for up/down slop in the seed boot attachment point. Even on a brand-new drill, this play is excessive and should be reduced (note that you don’t want to eliminate all movement—there needs to be a little for the boot to align flush with the blade, and to let straw clear out).

The Aricks seed boot uses a specially designed shoulder-bolt, to eliminate the problematic vertical slop in the attachment holes. The shoulder bolt transfers the pivot from the worn holes in the arm to the shoulder, cutting the up/down movement to 1/8″. Aricks seed boots are genuine extended wear and manufactured to last using a high-quality chrome alloy.

Includes shoulder bolt. Also fits 60-series if seed tubes are updated.

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  • Best fix for eliminating boot slop
  • Extended wear: high-quality chrome alloy
  • Easy installation
  • No need for drilling or bushings

Compatible with

  • John Deere 90 Series