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Heavy Duty Cover Plate & T Handle

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After receiving feedback from many farmers about their cover plates and T handles in recent years it was made clear that that original components of the cover plates and T handles could be improved upon. In order to combat some of the current issues it seemed a more robust versions of both these components was necessary, so BPR Engineering designed a new robust component to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. 

Along with their new depth adjustment arm system and new non-greasing gauge wheels axles, they now have their very own heavy-duty cover pates and T handles. 

Unlike the original system BPR Engineering decided to steer away from the traditional diagonal slotting and. Manufactured a simpler heavier system that will withstand the rough conditions better than the OEM. With a solid straight tab, rather than pins, their T handles fit snuggly in with their straight slotted heavy duty cover plates.