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The sales department at Thunderstruck is comprised of individuals that represent several products and companies. We fill in the gaps of our client’s needs. Many of our clients are farmers or manufacturers that want to focus on their day to day in building or manufacturing products and leave the rest to us. Our sales team deals with customer inquiries, shipping logistics, trade shows and much more.

Thunderstruck is also comprised of a marketing team that supports the sales team on all different levels from printing, developing and designing materials to the creation of a dealer portal and the execution of online marketing strategies. These methods allow our client’s products to stick out from the rest.

Jeremy Matuszewski

President, Sales Manager & Tradeshow Warrior

Our Sales Team

Ag Sales Lead & Tradeshow Warrior

Paul Luja

Ag Sales Lead & Tradeshow Warrior

Paul has been with Thunderstruck for the last 3 years and works to help our customers choose the right products for their farms. Paul travels to the biggest trade shows that we do in North America and has played a key part in building our clients brands. Paul lives with his wife and two children in Kitchener, Ontario. When he’s not in the office, he can be found visiting dealers and farmers across Ontario.

Ag Dealer Sales Rep & Shipping

Petr Beliaev

Ag Dealer Sales Rep & Shipping

Petr is responsible for managing our dealer network, our warehouse, and product shipments across Canada. Petr immigrated to Canada in 2017 from Russia with his wife and 2 sons and started working for Thunderstruck in May 2018. Petr communicates with our customers and makes sure they receive their orders promptly and that the products work for them.