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iPaddock Typhoon

Maximize Capacity, Minimize Downtime in Harvest

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Our Gold Standard Features

  • Maximize capacity
  • Minimize downtime
  • Constant steady flow
  • iPaddock’s patented “paddle flights” maximize throughput
  • Easy installation with simple instructions
  • Feeds crop in evenly
  • Minimal moving parts, solid crankshaft, heavy plate internals
  • Unique geometry creates a huge gap for pulling in bulky crops
  • Faster travel speed makes harvesting quicker
  • Uniquely designed outer flights eliminate crop stalling

Compatibile with

  • Macdon D60
  • Macdon D65
  • Macdon D/FD1
  • John Deere

Mic Fels – Canola Farmer & Inventor of the iPaddock Typhoon and Twister

“Since making the first unit in 2016, running them in our four MacDons, and talking directly with other farmers, Typhoon now combines my original invention with big updates in construction and usability. Typhoon has paved the way for straight cutting  canola not just on our farms, but all over Australia”.

Same-day shipping to Canada & United States