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Nebraska Power Farming Show 2018

Dec 4-6 Lincoln, NB, United States Lancaster Event Center Pavilion One, Booth No. 1634

Nebraska Power Farming Show 2018

Blog | Dec 06 2018

The Nebraska Power Farming show in Lincoln, Nebraska is one of our favourite trade shows to attend in the United States every year, and this year was no exception.

Although our trade show warriors battled heavy snow and bad roads on the way down, the battle proved to be worth it.

Along with our sales team, we were joined by Duane Smith from MudSmith, who proved once again to be a valuable addition to our team. His expansive knowledge and experience on the farm were shown through the stories he is able to share with farmers from all across the midwest.

Once again, the new Copperhead Ag Concaves were a big draw at the show. Our team was able to show farmers how they can harvest faster, reduce grain loss, and improve their grain quality.

In addition, our team broke our Nebraska sales record this year. For the 3rd consecutive year, MudSmith Gauge Wheels topped our sales charts once again.

We are looking forward to our return to Nebraska in 2019 and working with farmers to help them achieve their goals for the following plant and harvest seasons.