2966 Residue Manager for 60/90 Opener

Yetter Farm Equipment

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  • Description

    The 2966-002 Row Cleaner bolts to John Deere 60/90 Series air seeders to add residue-clearing capability. This unit operates in front of the opener blade to create improved seeding conditions. Price includes Shark Tooth and Floater Wheel.

  • Features
    • Floating design allows unit to follow soil contour
    • Mounts directly to the seed opener cast arm
    • Moves residue in front of blade and seed boot to reduce hairpinning and clear area; this warms soils more quickly and leads to improved emergence
  • Specifications
    • Not compatible with box drills
    • Lift chain included
    • Weight: 63 lbs. with Floater Wheel
    • Length: 28 1/2″
  • Compatibility
    • John Deere 60/90 Series air seeders
  • Video