TNT Cover Plates (Compatible with John Deere Concaves)

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Introducing our innovative, patented TNT Cover Plates for Concaves – transforming how single-rotor machines deliver material to sieves and taking your grain harvest to new levels of efficiency.

A common issue with single-rotor machines is sieve losses due to imbalanced delivery of grain from the concaves onto the sieve sections of the combine.

We’ve engineered a solution that fundamentally alters the delivery point of grain which provides a balanced load across all of the sieves.


Our Cover Plates drop the grain evenly across the sieves, preventing the overloading of one side. The result? A larger sieving area, better grain-material separation, and significantly less loss out of the back.

Our number one and two Cover Plates are designed for all crops.

Extensive testing has demonstrated that these plates do more than just optimize grain delivery – they also enhance the threshing area of the Concaves, without overly reducing the concave separation area.

The design of our third and fourth plates perfectly meet the challenges of hot, dry conditions – for instance, when harvesting canola or other small grains such as wheat.

These plates delay the grain’s descent onto the sieve area, significantly improving the quality of grain sample in the tank. They are a huge advantage when trying to tackle white caps in your wheat sample.

We know every field and every crop is different, which is why our Cover Plates are flexible to your needs. Remember, the more you close up your Concaves, the higher the risk of rotor loss- so use only as required for your specific crop and conditions.

Our new Cover Plates for Concaves aren’t just an accessory, they are a revolution in harvest technology. Don’t just harvest – harvest smarter with our Cover Plates. Your crops, your machinery, and your bottom line will thank you.