Gauge Wheel Mud Scraper

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This scraper blade is available for each of the three main gauge wheel tire profiles.  The blades are made from 3/16 heat-treated steel and are mounted at about a 45-degree angle to the wheel.  This allows the scraper to deflect mud outwards, away from the furrow and closing wheels.  When the gauge wheel is free of mud and debris, it enables the disc openers to run at a consistent depth, enhancing consistent seed depth and spacing. Please specify planter make and tire profile, so that the correct mounting arm and scraper will be shipped.

All pricing is per row (pair of scrapers).


  • Eliminate mud buildup on gauge wheels
  • Allow for uniform seed depth
  • Both angular and lateral adjustment possible
  • Easily clamp to the hub of the gauge wheel with a U-bolt


  • Blade positioned 45° relative to the wheel for better clearing
  • Made from 3/16” heat treated steel
  • Two milled surfaces provide contact with hubs of different sizes
  • Two cone point set screws embedded in the surface of the hub to provide stable mounting

Compatible with

  • John Deere
  • Kinze