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Big-Tex Net® Wrap

Big-Tex Net® Wrap from Protexia is the most dependable Net Wrap for bales of all sizes. It’s the strongest Net Wrap on the market featuring the strongest breaking strength. It’s softer and more flexible so it runs easier on any baler and is 10% lighter in weight than other net wraps. Big-Tex Net® Wrap is flexible and easy to cut. The weaving allows it to hold and hug your bale perfectly every time. With 4 different widths, 2 different lengths and 3 different pallet sizes, you’re sure to find what you need.

The plastic core ensures efficient use and storage; you’ll never have to deal with deformed core shapes again. The Big-Tex Net® Wrap features a warning stripe 150 feet before the end of your roll to let you when it’s time to change your roll. The Protexia Big-Tex Net® Wrap features the perfect weave allowing for your net to speed evenly non every bale.

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  • Fits all types of balers (recommended minimum of 2.5 wraps)
  • The net wrap spreads evenly on the bale with ease
  • End Stripe Warning system – stripe catches your attention 165 feet before the end of the roll.
  • Packaged in weatherproof polyethylene sleeves with re-usable yellow polypropylene straps for easy handling
  • UV-resistant, treated anti-static
  • Strong, weather resistant cores with an ID number – for production traceability
  • White with orange stripe on roll edge for loading indication



Width (in) x Minimum guaranteed length (ft) Rolls/pallet
48″ x 6,560′ 40
48″ x 9,840′ 28
48″ x 11,810′ 28
51″ x 6,560′ 40
51″ x 9,840′ 28
51″ x 11,810′ 28
64″ x 6,560′ 40
64″ x 9,840′ 28
67″ x 6,560′ 40
67″ x 9,840′ 28