Agrirepel® Wrap
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Agrirepel® Wrap


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  • Description

    Agrirepel Wrap® is a premium quality bale wrap film that provides protection against birds, rodents, and pests. It ensures that you will no longer have holes in your plastic, or fodder waste caused from mold & oxygen exposure. It will save you time and money. On top of using the highest quality plastic on the market, Agrirepel® Wrap also has an additional organic ingredient.  The additive, Combirepel®™ is completely organic so it will not harm your animals, you, the feed or even the grass it sits on. Agrirepel® Wrap is manufactured by Rani Plast in Finland.

  • Features
    • Combirepel®™ inside: effectively repels birds and rodents (without harming them)
    • Only the best raw materials are used 100% virgin LDPE (most films today are composed of partially recycled LDPE – so it is not dependable or durable)
    • Unique one of a kind glue making our wrap have exceptional tack (even with low temperatures)
    • UV-protection
    • Highest and uniform quality – always dependable roll after roll
    • All products go through a stringent quality control process including testing during production, laboratory analysis, and in-field testing
    • Can be used for individual baleage or in-line wrapping
    • Fits on most wrappers
    • Good elongation rate and very high tear resistance
    • Apply 6 layers, pre-stretch 70%, 50% overlapping
  • Specifications
    30 5,000 1 40


  • Compatibility
    • In-line
    • Individual
    • Round
    • Square