Agrirepel® Silo


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  • Description

    Agrirepel® Silo is a unique innovation, a formulation of high quality raw materials combined during a unique manufacturing process, to ensure all of the ingredients are never going to harm your crops. It was the goal of E.P.R.D. to solve economic problems farmers face to maximize profit and reduce wasted time due to poor quality bale wrap. Agrirepel® Silo has set a new industry standard for quality and performance of silage film. With this new film it is now possible to achieve peace of mind knowing that your forage is wrapped in the highest quality material available with the added bonus of your forage being protected from birds and rodents. The film is manufactured by Rani Plast in Finland.

  • Features
    • Combirepel®™ Inside: effectively repels birds and rodents

    • Silage Protection: elastic protection against puncture, non-shiny appearance, low oxygen permeability, efficient silage protection

    • Mechanical Properties: high tear strength, impact and puncture resistance, also suitable for cold conditions, improved elongation

    • Optimal Film Structure: less air pockets under film, easy to handle

    • Lower Friction: reduces damages when handling, easier to pull from a reel, smoother surface and foldings

    • Very good elongation rate and very high tear resistance

    • Tri-layer, coextruded LDPE sheet with UV protection

    • Newest raw materials innovations

    • Color: green/gray

    The main purpose of an underlay film is to minimize the presence of air between silo film and silage. This greatly improves the quality of the silage. Through its vacuum effect, the coextruded underlay film, clings to the silage in an optimal way while preventing air pockets. It can be used underneath every silage cover available. The quality of the underlay film is especially important as it allows you to reduce the thickness of the top film.

    • Coextruded LDPE film
    • Very high airtightness
    • Protects the silage against air penetration
    • Greatly improves the quality of the silage
    • Prevents losses at the top surface and along the edges
    • Adapts smoothly to the top surface of the silo
    • Inhibits heating
    • Facilitates the disposal of the top film when properly used
    • Minimizes risks at low cost
    • Color: transparent
  • Specifications
    20 to 72 82 to 1,150 4.6 depends on size