Agrirepel® Bag

Agrirepel® Bag


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  • Description

    Whether you have constant problems with mice, rats or even birds, or if you just want to have peace of mind knowing your silage or grains have an extra protection against pests, Agrirepel® Bags are for you. The organic additive Combirepel®™, bonded to the highest grade of virgin LDPE during the extrusion process in our partner factory Rani Plast, is completely safe and non-toxic, for the bagger, the farmer, and your animals. This product is part of our exclusive Agrirepel® range of products. All our standard sizes are available with the repellent feature.

  • Features
    • Organic additive: Combirepel®™ a scientifically proven bird and rodent repellent
    • Very high tear and puncture resistance
    • Film manufactured by Rani Plast in Finland: consistent, dependable quality
    • UV resistant
  • Specifications
    • Dimensions: 8’ to 12’ bags, 150 to 400 feet long, 8.7 to 9.8 mil
    DIAMETER (feet) THICKNESS (mil) LENGTH (feet)
    8-12 8.7-9.8 150-400