Moisture Analyzer

Prairie Grain Analyzer

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  • ±0.1


    Update Machine

    over Wifi

    Temperature Range

    -30°C/-22°F to 60°C/140°F


    The MA-404 has the ability to obtain moisture information of a sample without the use of charts, scales, and thermometers as a result of the sensors integrated within the tester.

  • Benefits
    • No preweighting, temperature measurement or chart reading required
    • All CGC or USDA chart updates and calibrations are available from the comfort of your home via the web
    • Send/share results instantly
    • Update the machine over WiFi
    • Built-in printer allows for on-field printing of results
    • Connect to your device via Bluetooth
    • Displays result instantly
  • Features
    • Built-in scale, thermometer, and charts
    • Colour touch screen and printer
    • All CGC or USDA installed
    • Measures hot grain, cold grain and frozen grain (-30°C/-22°F to 60°C/140°F)
    • Comes with a carrying case
    • Measure test weight
    • Built-in printer
    • Accuracy ± 0.1
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