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Gauge Wheels will work for your drill, but will not be covered by warranty. We recommend them for planters only.

The MudSmith Spoked Gauge Wheel is like nothing you’ve seen before. With a patented open rim design, plugged wheels are a thing of the past.

Featuring 3 distinct advantages, these wheels will get you onto the field faster and help you plant smarter.

  1. The Spoked Design means you don’t have to deal with plugged gauge wheels. Stop wasting time cleaning out mud, dragging your wheels and delaying your progress. The spoked design allows the mud to flow right through meaning you won’t be stopping to clean out your wheels anymore.
  2. MudSmith Gauge Wheels feature a Cast Iron Hub with a pressed in bearing, eliminating wheel wobble. The Cast Iron makes these bearing extremely durable but once they’re worn out the bearings are replaceable in 3 easy steps: Remove the 3 bolts, press in new bearing, bolt back together.
  3. 20% Thicker Rubber means these wheels won’t wear as fast. They’re thicker from the lip, all the way through.

Every single part of the MudSmith Gauge Wheel is North American made with the exception of the bearing, which is made in Japan. The MudSmith bearing will outlast any of the competition but the unique design will allow you to use any other bearing in its place if you’d prefer.

You’ll notice the MudSmith design has the rim supported in 6 different spots, where every other design is supported in only 3. There are 3 sizes of wheels available; 2.5”, 3” & 4.5”. When used in conjunction with a residue manager we always recommend the 3” wheel, as it fits nicely in the residue which eliminates row unit bounce. 2.5”

MudSmith designed the Spoked Gauge Wheel to help farmers, and one way they could do that was to make them affordable for all farmers.


  • Thicker HD rubber lasts 20% longer
  • Reduces buildup of mud and debris in a durable modular design
  • Modular design allows every part to be field replaceable
  • Cast iron bearing hub durable housing, eliminates wheel wobble and cuts down on time spent changing bearings


  • 3 spoke open rim design
  • Modular design
  • Cast iron bearing hub
  • HD rubber

Compatible with

  • Compatible with all makes & models of planters

What customers are saying:

I love mine. Sure does save time on clean up. Have a few hillside seeps that never dry up till late July, and these wheels self clean and keep going.

Todd Hinrichs Tallula, Illinois

They are a great add on product. Love them!

Kevin Mozer Norfolk, Nebraska