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Lightweight (9.5 lbs) cast fCrusher Closing Wheel. Tapered tooth design allows firming on one side and crumbling on the other. Drafted tooth keeps its entire foot print on the ground. No more wearing one side of plastic until it has to be flipped. Long life ductile cast iron will run for years and years. Martin Duty with 6 lip seal design out lasts competitive products by years.

The main problem farmers are facing is sidewall compaction. This happens in every field every year without fail and leads to poor stands, uneven root development, unsprouted seeds, air pockets in the furrow, etc.

There are 3 main problems with other closing systems

They’re Not Aggressive Enough!

When you are using rubber tires or smooth cast closers. They’re just pushing on the top, and only crumbling in the loosest and driest of conditions. You will almost always be able to see your sidewall when digging behind these!

They’re Too Aggressive!

There are some wheels that tear up the ground, which is ok in super hard conditions, but they have no control factor, so they are prone to flipping out the seed and aerating the soil. These will often do worse than rubber tires in testing. This is why we see some farmers run one of these overly aggressive wheels and a rubber tire, because they are trying to balance the aggressiveness of the spike with the rubber tire. The main problem with that is that they are half wrong on both sides of the trench!

Not Staying/Running Clean.

No one wants the headache of cleaning out closing wheels that are always plugging. There are some wheels that have spikes that are too close together with no relief between spikes. They may have some control and aggressiveness, but when it comes down to it, they don’t run consistently enough due to plugging issues with cobs/rootballs and straight up mud.

The F Crusher is aggressive enough to break down compaction with enough width to give them depth control.  They have enough room between the teeth to stay clean in a wide array of planting conditions!

Compatible with

  • John Deere 1700 series
  • Kinze 3000 and up
  • Harvest International
  • Horsch
  • White 6000, 8000, 9000