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The Jenkins Iron & Steel Electro Magnet is a 7700lb capacity hydraulic generator electromagnet, amazing for scrap work! Marty Jenkins has been using this for the last year and absolutely swears it’s the single most important piece he uses for any kind of scrap work, couldn’t do what he does today without it! Similar, but less powerful units run nearly 20k from other manufacturers.

The Jenkins Iron scrap magnet is a scrappers dream attachment. Featuring a self-contained hydraulically driven generator this magnet is not a low voltage system putting a full 230 volts to your 30″ Moley magnet for maximum lifting power! Ideal for scrap yards, individual scrappers, rail applications, demolition, excavators, concrete crushers or anyone that needs to sort metal this will save you endless time and money. From plate to farm and industrial equipment to nails, rebar, sandblast steel shot or grit, rail spikes to tin there is nothing this magnet won’t handle! Featuring a heavy-duty square tube frame with a hinged cover to protect all of your critical electrical components, rain or shine this unit will keep you working! Requiring only standard flow and a case drain this can be used on a wide variety of machines for maximum versatility. For thousands cheaper than other comparable magnets you can have the largest and most powerful magnet available for a skid steer backed by a 2-year warranty and years of scrapping and skid steer attachment experience from a family manufacturer!


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  • Zero maintenance


  • 30″ Moley magnet
  • Full 230 VDC to the magnet from the hydraulic driven generator
  • Completely self-contained unit with element cover over all of the critical electrical components
  • Commercial frame and demolition grade magnet
  • Works on any skid steer or wheel loader with standard flow hydraulics and a case drain
  • Heavy duty
  • All attachments can be modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
  • Various skid steer loader mounts available


  • Requires Case Drain and Standard flow hydraulics
  • Weight: 1346 LBS
  • Magnet capable of lifting 7700lbs of plate *do not exceed the rated operating capacity of the machine using the magnet

Compatibile with

  • John Deere
  • Westendorf
  • Global
  • Euro
  • Koyker
  • New Holland
  • Kubota
  • Bobcat
  • & More