Air Missile

The Air Missile works in conjunction with your existing in bin aeration system. The information below will help determine which Missile is right for you.

The Air Missile GT10′ is compatible with the following aeration systems

  • Horizontal Tube up to 4000 Bushels
  • Rocket up to 5000 Bushels
  • V-Trough up to 4000 Bushels

The Air Missile GT15′ is compatible with the following aeration systems

  • Horizontal Tube 4001+ Bushels
  • Rocket 5001+ Bushels
  • V-Trough 4001+ Bushels

This information will ensure the required installation accessories are supplied.

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The Air Missile by GO Technologies was designed to solve the problem of moisture caps forming at the top of bins using in-bin aeration to dry grain. It consists of an 8” vertical tube that directs air to the upper portion of the bin where the moisture cap usually forms. This redirected air flow continues to push the moisture up and out, drying the grain faster and more evenly throughout the bin. Making the Air Missile your complete in bin drying solution!

Get even drying from top to bottom and eliminate the need to turn your grain with complete drying in one bin.

The Air Missile is a cost effective method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, maintaining grain quality, and increasing the storage life of your grain.

Reduce your drying time with the Air Missile from GO Technologies.

Dry your grain faster and more efficiently with the ThunderDryer and Air Missile; a match made in harvest heaven.


  • Reduce Drying Time
  • Eliminate the Turning of Grain
  • Increase Storage Life
  • Maintain Grain Quality


  • Complete Drying in One bin
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective method of reducing co2 emissions
  • Even drying from top to bottom