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Flexfold is a high-wear, plastic molded tube, designed to replace kinks and worn out sections of your air seeder hoses. Aimed at keeping the tube kink free and smooth when folding and unfolding your wings, reforming to their original shape each time! Whether your using the Flexfold as a joiner for stainless tubes or for vibration reduction we can help!

Flexfold recommends that you use T-bolt type clamps. The Flexfold might become a little ovulated if the seeding bar is stored with the wings folded up for long periods and the Flexfolds are kinked. When the seeding bar is required, we recommend to fold down and leave in the sun for a while to help the Flexfold regain its shape. It is recommended to disconnect all Flexfolds when machinery is in storage.


  • FLEXFOLD replaces worn and kinked sections of the primary supply hose on your air seeder bar.
  • It can also be included to a new design if you are adding a new air kit to your air seeder or if you are upgrading and old bar.
  • Includes 2 stainless steel tube adapters