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FLEXFOLD is a new high wearing plastic moulded tube to replace the kinks and worn out sections on the primary supply rubber hose on a seeding bar. FLEXFOLD’s are designed to keep the inside of the tube kink free and smooth when the wings are unfolded. They are designed to go back to as close as possible to their origanal tubular shape. FLEXFOLD’s can also be used to join stainless steel tube and be used as a vibration reduction system like the FLEXEND product. In the pictures below you can see the FLEXFOLD fitted to a 90 foot seeding bar with triple fold wings. This is an extreme example as most seeding bars only fold to about 90 degrees with double folds. FLEXFOLDS installed so the tubing is straight and with no bends in the rubber hose.

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  • FLEXFOLD replaces worn and kinked sections of the primary supply hose on your air seeder bar.
  • It can also be included to a new design if you are adding a new air kit to your air seeder or if you are upgrading and old bar.
  • Includes 2 stainless steel tube adapters