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Vibration on air seeders is nothing new, Flexend is designed to absorb the constant vibration not allowing it to make its way to the spreader head or boot – reducing and eliminating your risks of kinks, hose cracks and blockages. Made from high-wear, high-flex and high-UV plastic, Flexends are designed to outlast your air seeder hose!

Vibration reduction isn’t the only benefit of the Flexends, you can also use them as a joiner. Over time, the elements can weaken hoses and cause cracks, splits or kinks. By cutting out the problem area and replacing with a flexed, you now have a quick and durable fix in a matter of minutes!


  • Super flexible joiner for air seeder hose and spreader head protection.
  • In the cold months the tube gets more rigid and the vibrations of the hose cause problems with the hose and the spreader heads. Flexends will let the hose move without doing damage to the hose or the heads.