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Decrease combine header loss with Duck Foot’s unique design built to clear the cutter bar and create an even feed for better threshing, improving yield and increasing ground speed. Available in more header brands than any paddle tine on the market and features a unique clip system. Simply slip the paddle over your existing tines and attach to the reel pipe. Ideal for a multitude of crops including soybeans, cereals, hay, edible beans, lentils, flax, straight cut canola, peas, chickpeas, lupins, sorghum and rice. This farm-innovated paddle tine is designed to be a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to benefit farmers during harvest.

Sets are available for specific 5 batt and 6 batt reels – see Compatible Models for details. 

All models sold in boxes of 50

Duck Foot Products are available through Thunderstruck Ag for American customers only. 

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  • Award winning patented farm innovation
  • Fast and easy to install and remove (two people can outfit a 35′ header in about 20 min)
  • Unique clip system secures the slip-over paddle tine to the reel pipe
  • Placed over every second tine, off-setting on each consecutive batt
  • Field-tested with proven data to reduce header loss
  • Clears the cutter bar and feeds the crop more evenly for better threshing
  • Slower reel speed for less crop damage
  • Increases ground speed

Compatible with

  • MacDon 974 (5 batt)
  • MacDon 973 (5 batt)
  • MacDon 972 (6 batt)
  • Case IH (6 batt): 3152, 3162, 4152, 4162
  • Case IH (6 batt): DH 213, 253, 303, 363, 403
  • Case IH (6 batt): 4F30, 40, 45
  • Case IH (6 batt): 4R30, 35, 40, 45
  • John Deere (6 batt): 600 FD serial #785,000 and above
  • John Deere (6 batt): 700 FD
  • John Deere (6 batt): HDR, HDF, RDF
  • New Holland (6 batt): 880CF, 840CD
  • Gerginghoff (5 batt): 2020 and up TruFlex and TruFlex Razor models
  • Crary (6 batt)
  • GTS do Brasil (6 batt)

Manuals & Downloads: