Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners

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Leaving more residue when planting to prevent wind and water erosion is a necessary and accepted farming practice. How to move the trash and make an acceptable seed bed has been a problem. In trash conditions, trash whippers with smooth or notched discs move too much soil, causing unwanted planting depressions and leaving the seed bed susceptible to crusting. Finger wheels that have no concavity skid through the soil, which can bend teeth, and tend to push and wrap trash.

A concave disc, when placed at an angle, will turn easily and flow material to the side. Concavity, along with the Saber Tooth’s unique tooth design, allows the trash discs to contact material in the seed bed and flow and release it in the centre of the row. They also separate the lead and trail discs. This is very important, because trash is all that turns the discs, and if they are competing for the same stalk, root balls, or residue, they will stop turning and plug. The separation of the two discs allows each disc to move material and not compete with the other disc for the same material. Sunco Row Cleaners with exclusive disc concavity, unique tooth design, and disc separation allow you to plant in the toughest trash conditions without plugging!

Frame Mounted design eliminates stress on planter rows units for smoother row unite ride. All the same field proven advantages or the original Sunco Saber Tooth: Disc Concavity, Exclusive Tooth Design, and Disc Separation. Removes residue from seedbed that can cause seed germination and emergence problems or disease and damage to young seedlings. Floating parallel arms allow the Floating Saber Tooth to follow the contours of the filed consistently clearing residue. Can be used in conjunction with the Precision Planting CleanSweep® system (not included) which allows for quick and effortless in cab adjustment of row cleaner down pressure. Optional Spring Down Pressure Kit provides down-force when not using the CleanSweep® system. Sunco’s original swept back tooth design eliminated hair pinning of residue, moves and releases trash as the discs rotate- preventing wrapping. Offset disc design prevents competition for tram that leads to plugging plus it also allows for disc overlapping to ensure residue is removed from entire seedbed.