Drill Cruiser
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Drill Cruiser

Copperhead Ag

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  • Description

    Copperhead Ag’s Drill Cruiser is a high quality cast iron wheel with angular, tapered teeth that provides a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming. The Drill Cruiser planter closing wheel’s angular teeth help prevent clogging and allows it to work in all soil, from sandy to heavy and clay based. It is especially effective in saturated soil.

  • Benefits
    • Unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming
    • Eliminates sidewall compaction
    • Angular tooth design helps prevent clogging
    • Works in virtually all soil – from sandy to heavy and clay-based
    • Provides improved seed slot closure in both conventional and no-till situations
    • Especially effective in saturated soil
    • Minimize chances for wheels to pick up trash or residue in the field with the proper spike length
    • Provides the necessary firming action of stock closing wheels
    • Proper seed-to-soil contact will ensure that population and even emergence are at their full potential
  • Features
    • Angular tooth design
    • Wider bodied wheels
  • Compatibility
    • JD 1590 Drill
    • JD 60 and 90 Series Air Seeders
  • Video