Concave System (Compatible with Case IH)

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The Copperhead Concave System is designed to provide profitability and value to your operation. The CASE IH Concave System is designed to help eliminate rotor loss, increase capacity in all crops, and create a grain on grain thresh, for a cleaner sample and faster harvest!

The Copperhead Concave System is designed with a a 50% thicker frame than OEM models allowing the Concave to last longer and perform better than other models on the market. The Copperhead Concave System features a machined 90° cuts into the bars against the flow of grain. This produces an aggressive threshing edge and restricts the grain flow to force grain on grain threshing. 

These Concaves have a reduced number of bars for additional space in between the bars for more room for the crop to unload leading to less grain damage and eliminates rotor loss. The progressive openings between the bars from top to bottom to direct the flow of grain efficiently through each section. 

Evenly adjustable and removable Cover Plates allow this system to control the flow of even small grains out of the rotor, ensuring a proper thresh. These Cover Plates are built with adjustment slides for fine tuning, creating the most versatile Concave System on the market!

Rice Spikes

The Rice Spike Bar is designed specifically for Case IH Specialty, AFX, and Flagship rotors. This innovative technology is engineered to go above the traditional threshing and separation processes, delivering a leap in performance and reliability for your operation.

The Spike Bars boast an enhanced surface area, meticulously crafted to optimize grain separation. This strategic design not only elevates separation efficiency but also significantly reduces the risk of rotor loss – a common challenge faced in overloaded separation sections. By enabling your combine to more effectively “stir” within the separation section, othese spike bars ensure smoother, more efficient grain processing with every pass.

Constructed from high-impact resistant cast chrome, these provide exceptional wearability and longevity even under the toughest conditions.

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  • Eliminates rotor loss
  • Increase capacity in all crops
  • Decrease grain damage (less cracks, splits, and broken cobs)
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Cleaner grain sample
  • Eliminate changing concaves for different crops
  • Increase harvested bushels/acre
  • Run combine on slower rotor speed
  • Unloads the concave quicker
  • 10X threshing improvement (compared to round bar design)


  • Notched bar design
  • Increased space between bars
  • Adjustable & removable cover plates
  • Universal crop design
  • 135% more threshing surface area (compared to OEM model)
  • Includes disrupter lugs
  • Additional rice spike bars required for Case IH model (additional $30USD/rice spike)

Compatible with

  • Case IH

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