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Concave System (John Deere)

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The Copperhead Concave Systems utilizes notched bars for restricted flow. This allows more material in the concave area, increasing grain on grain threshing.  As grain moves along the system, the concaves are progressively open, leading to increased unloading of grain as it’s threshed.

With the Copperhead Concave System, you can thrash in any crop in any condition, have cleaner samples, decrease field time (resulting in less fuel cost), and stop rotor loss.

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  • Eliminates rotor loss
  • Increase capacity in all crops
  • Decrease grain damage (less cracks, splits, and broken cobs)
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Cleaner grain sample
  • Eliminate changing concaves for different crops
  • Increase harvested bushels/acre
  • Run combine on slower rotor speed
  • Unloads the concave quicker
  • 10X threshing improvement (compared to round bar design)


  • Notched bar design
  • Increased space between bars
  • Adjustable & removable cover plates
  • Universal crop design
  • 135% more threshing surface area (compared to OEM model)
  • Includes disrupter lugs
  • Additional rice spike bars required for Case IH model (additional $30USD/rice spike)

Compatibile with

  • Case IH
  • John Deere