Concave System (Compatible with John Deere X9)

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Eliminate rotor loss and increased your capacity in all crops with the Concave System from Copperhead Ag.

Designed specifically to work with John Deere’s X9 Combine, the Copperhead Concave System combines the threshing power of a large wire Concave and the strength of a round bar Concave. With an extended wear life of 3000+ separator hours, the hard surfacing of the bars have proven to be a superior choice among Concaves. 

A full set includes 6 sections and 6 Cover Plates. The Cover Plates are easily adjusted or removed to allow for use in any crop. Go from small to large grain with a simple and quick adjustment. Designed with a 68% larger opening than OEM round bar Concaves allowing you to unload thrashed grain in the Concave section, rather than carrying it all the way through to the separating section, which overloads the separator and causes rotor loss. 

Get a cleaner grain sample, less cracks and splits, decrease your fuel consumption and increase your bushels per acre with the Copperhead Ag Concave System.

Click for John Deere Compatible Concave System.

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  • Eliminates rotor loss
  • Increase capacity in all crops
  • Decrease grain damage (less cracks, splits, and broken cobs)
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Cleaner grain sample
  • Eliminate changing concaves for different crops
  • Increase harvested bushels/acre
  • Run combine on slower rotor speed
  • Unloads the concave quicker
  • 10X threshing improvement (compared to round bar design)


  • Notched bar design
  • Increased space between bars
  • Adjustable & removable cover plates
  • Universal crop design
  • 135% more threshing surface area (compared to OEM model)
  • Includes disrupter lugs
  • Additional rice spike bars required for Case IH model (additional $30USD/rice spike)

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