Concave Disruptors (compatible with John Deere)

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The Copperhead Ag Disruptor Kit helps to stop rotor loss!

Usually, when a combine is experiencing rotor loss it is due to an overloaded separation section. Too much material trying to be separated at once causes grain to be pushed out the back of the machine with the chaff. By utilizing a set of disruptor lugs in the separation grate section of your machine, you can interrupt the flow of stems and leaves as they pass through the machine. This helps the machine to stir that chaff, which allows caught-up grain to be dropped through to your sieves, instead of carried out the back. Our disruptors are “U” shaped lugs that bolt up into a separation grate from the bottom. Each lug will have the two top ends of the “U” sticking up like fingers. The fingers are made so that they can be modified to ensure clearance of the spikes on the rotor. They are made from mild steel so they will break or bend while in service, rather than breaking a separation grate or a part on your rotor. We also send spacer bars that install between the grates and the frame to drop down your separation grates and create more space for separation. Rather than dropping one side, like the stock spacers do, we install them on both sides of the machine to create a level area with more room for your machine to work. This kit was originally invented by Donnie Estes and sold directly to Case in the 90’s. It has since been adapted to fit late model Case and John Deere machines.


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