Concave Disruptors (compatible with Case IH)

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Flow of stems, leaves and other debris through the Concave and separation section carries grain out the back of your combine! It’s important to interrupt or disrupt the flow of that material before it has the chance to send your profitability out to the ground. Our disruptor system does just that! The Case compatible disruptor system comes with bars that bolt onto your key-stock or separation grates. It also comes with a set of 12 rice spike threshing elements, that are installed on the rotor. The combination of the bars on your grate and the spikes on the rotor cause disruption to occur in the flow of residue, dropping grain through the grates and onto your sieves, instead of sending it to the ground. This kit was originally invented by Donnie Estes and sold directly to Case in the 90’s. It has since been adapted to fit late model Case and John Deere machines. Don’t send grain you paid to grow out the back, disrupt it!


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