Concave Cover Plate Set (compatible with Case IH)

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Our cover plates are designed specifically for the Copperhead Concave system. They hook over a threshing bar on the passenger side of the machine and use a hook system to tighten on the drivers side of the machine. They have an adjustable section that slides partially open or fully closed in order to control the rate of flow of material out of the concave. When harder threshing occurs in the field, the grain often needs to be held in the threshing system longer to fully thresh. Or, if cracking is occurring, grain may need to be let through the concave at a faster rate. With our system, it is a simple thing to slide open, closed and add or remove any cover plates as necessary. These will fit in any of the first four openings on your Copperhead Concave System.


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Compatible with

  • Case IH

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