New Holland Reversers

New Holland Reversers

Arnold Innovations

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  • Description

    This reverser is built to fit the New Holland CX series combine, to unplug a threshing cylinder blockage quickly and efficiently. The reverser plumbs into the combine’s hydraulics, eliminating the physical strain of unplugging the cylinder. The AI100-CX is both a safer, and more efficient method unplugging the rotor. Our unique product design reduces the chance of operator injury, while minimizing downtime spent unplugging. The efficiency of the AI100-CX allows you to return to harvesting sooner.

  • Benefits

    • Unplugs a threshing cylinder blockage quickly & efficiently
    • Ability to put the ratchet in the lock position helps to break up a slug
    by rocking the combine cylinder on the spot
    • Safer way of unclogging a machine, minimizes chance of operator
    • less downtime spent on unclogging

  • Features

    Plumbs into the combine’s hydraulics, eliminating physically unplugging the rotor

  • Compatibility
    • New Holland
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