About Copperhead Ag

Copperhead Ag strives to offer top quality products, great customer service, and customer satisfaction. Continually looking to offer products to farmers that are cost-effective and aid in producing the best crops possible.


Do the Copperhead Concaves work in all crops?

Yes, Copperhead Concaves work in all crops from large grain to small grain and anything in between.

What customers are saying:

We farm canola, wheat, soybeans, barely, oats... Went to the Copperhead Concaves because of the dry year, the seeds were small, very peppery canola this year. The Copperhead Concaves are going to save us money, it's keeping all the seeds in the tank, none of them are going out the back. We're getting a little more speed out of our machines, way cleaner samples, less grain loss behind the combine... I'd recommend the Copperhead Concaves to anyone.

Garret Phillips