Closing Wheels for Ag Planting

Copperhead Closing Wheels

Here at Thunderstruck Ag Equipment we’re based in Winkler Manitoba. We represent farmer-invented and innovative products  that have not only been tested on their own farms but were designed to make your job easier and more efficient too! We represent products that have certified proof that they  actually work for day-to-day farms.

We carry a number of planting product solutions but among those, we strongly recommend  The Copperhead Closing wheels. They have completely revolutionized then planting process. As you know closing wheels are the last part that the planter operates, they close the furrow and help you cover the seed to  have the soil contact it needs to grow properly. Choosing  inferior products can affect all of your crops at planting time. The incorrect selection or setup for your particular crop can ruin the depth and placement you had planned.

The Copperhead Closing Wheels, specifically the furrow cruiser lineup, are products that are compatible with any planter on the market, and what’s great about these closing wheels is that they have the advantage from adapting to the field at any time, even when the planting condition is less than perfect. Regular, heavy or extreme no-till conditions, where parts of the field need a little bit more drainage or any type of situation where you have difficulty getting that seed slot closed, you’ll find that these closing wheels will make that work for you. 

At Thunderstruck Ag, we have The Copperhead Closing Wheels. They’re easy to install and come with simple instructions.

The Copperhead Closing Wheels have even solved the strain of force on the sidewalls issue that modern planters have with the double disk opening system. These closing wheels can consistently break down and firm this soil back around the seed, with better seed-to-soil contact, more even emergence going at the same time, no suffering and much better yield.

Forget about those air pockets causing you mohawk roots all over your field, with The Copperhead Closing Wheels you will get excellent seed to soil contact, no sidewall compaction and no air pockets. You will have full mature root development and healthy planting to grow.

In terms of durability, The Copperhead Closing Wheels are made of heavy-duty poly plastic with an average lifetime of 500 acres per row: for traditional planters with 24 rows, that would mean 12,000 acres of planting. Additionally you can flip them around to  use  the other side and you would have another 12,000 acres more to plant.

If you are still not sure about getting The Copperhead Closing Wheels and you want to give them a try and save money you can use the rims or inserts that they offer, they adapt perfectly to the standard rubber closing wheels and that way  you can test them out and see how well they work for yourself! .

Thunderstruck ™Ag Equipment distributes The Copperhead Closing Wheels, specifically the furrow cruiser line up. View the complete list of benefits & features, ask for a quote and more by clicking here.

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