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The ThunderDryer Grain drying Harvest Equipment

There are obviously two things we need to have to dry grain; one is heat, the other one is airflow; The ThunderDryer provides you with both. The ThunderDryer grain drying system provides you with ample time to set up the system and  dry your grain in your bin. This allows you to take your grain off the field in better conditions and operate your harvest on your own terms. 

Grain drying is a fundamental part of the harvest process, especially if you plan to store your grain to market it for the best results. With The ThunderDryer, you can harvest grain while the quality is still good, and yes you read that right, now you can dry your grain directly in the bin.  

The ThunderDryer was created by farmers for farmers. This efficient grain drying system sets apart combustion gases and exhaust, and it eliminates the heat source contact with collectible inventory; that means higher productivity in your grain drying and optimal cost-effectiveness savings in your operation. It Works on positive pressure and will not shut down with static pressure. Flu gasses are released off before they enter the bin, meaning water vapour is not a concern.

We have The ThunderDryer at Thunderstruck Ag. It’s designed to dry your grain faster, more efficiently and better than the competition.

Units are portable and easy to use. The ThunderDryer connects to bins with a flexible sock, so you can move the grain drying unit from bin to bin, instead of moving the grain. You can either use it with natural gas or propane. It also comes with a regulator and everything you need for quick connection. When you’re done with it,  simply clean it off and store it  in your shop for the following year. If you experience any issues, any certified gas fitter will be able to make the adjustments. The ThunderDryer is super low maintenance and  all the components are replaceable. You can find it at Units are available from  175,000 BTUs to 260,000 BTUs.

To make your in-bin aeration even more efficient, check out the  The Air Missile; the combination of the two products is a match made in harvest heaven. During in-bin aeration, warm dry air is targeted to the bottom of the bin to dry the grain. This process pushes moisture up and out the top of the bin to dry the grain on the bottom. One major problem experienced with this method is the air becomes saturated and cool by the time it reaches the top part of the bin. This saturated, cooler air can no longer carry any more moisture with it and results in a moisture cap forming at the top of the bin that requires extra heat, air and time to remove. The Air Missile was developed to solve this problem. Find more information about grain drying system The Air Missile by clicking here.

Thunderstruck™Ag Equipment distributes quality Ag equipment (including The ThunderDryer and The Air Missile grain drying systems) designed by farmers for farmers, we provide plant, storage and harvest solutions throughout Canada and the United States. To View our complete list of innovative ag products and more.

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