The Air Missile

The Air Missile Harvest Equipment Grain Drying System

Harvest is a busy time and the job doesn’t end when you get the grain off the field. Not only do you need to get it into the bin, but you also need to dry it. Some of the methods to get this done have been to use uninterrupted feed dryers, incorporating batch dryers and having in-bin aeration. For the latter, you would apply warm dry air to the bottom of the bin to dry the grain. This causes moisture to be pushed up and out the top of the bin. By doing this, the air becomes soaked and cool by the time it reaches the top part of the bin. This can become a critical problem in grain drying as it creates a moisture cap of cool air at the top of the bin. To remove it, you may have to use more heat, and more air, causing you to spend more time, during your already busy harvest, monitoring your grain. We’ve found a product that can solve this problem and we’re excited to introduce you to an innovative grain drying system solution: The Air Missile.

The Air Missile was created GO Technologies, a Canadian company established in 1990, who develops and manufactures equipment to improve efficiencies in overall costs and reduces your environmental footprint. Based on data collected by GO Technologies, only 50 hours were needed to dry a 4,000 bushel hopper bottom bin. After that time, The Air Missile had to be shut off to avoid over drying the grain and after 76 hours the bin was sufficiently dried; The Air Missile  was able to remove 8,738 lbs. of water from inside the bin. This is an improvement of over 60% in cost to dry per bushel and a 70% reduction in BTU required per lbs. water removed. Additionally there was a decrease of 17% in energy usage compared to a conventional air distribution system.

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The Air Missile is an 8” vertical tube that is put into the bin to lead air to the upper portion of the bin where the moisture cap usually forms. This redirected air flow is distributed evenly throughout the bin getting the moisture pushed completely out of the bin.

With The Air Missile you can eliminate turning the grain and you will have evenly dried inventory from top to bottom: maintaining grain quality and increasing its storage life. In addition The Air Missile is easy to install and has a cost effective method of reducing Co2 emissions.

There are two versions of The Air Missile available: the GT10′ and the GT15′, both of which can be set up with your existing in-bin aeration system.

If you want to get the most out of The Air Missile, we highly recommend The ThunderDryer, by GO Technologies. This efficient drying system is portable and easy to use. It connects to bins with a flexible sock, so you can move it from bin to bin with no hassle. With The ThunderDryer water vapour in the bin is no longer an issue, with flu gasses being vented off before they even enter the bin.

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