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The iPaddock Twister™ chain tensioner is the latest product from iPaddock (a management system farm based in the south east of Western Australia founded in 1992). This chain tensioner solution fixes the problem of the drive chain coming off the feed drum on the Macdon fronts. It has a slot that is cam shaped that makes precise adjustment of chain tension possible with just manual pressure, while preventing the tensioner from sliding loose in the way when it is tightened up again. This new harvest equipment product will save you hours and hours of lost time without mentioning the relief of the operator frustration during your busy harvest season.

With less than a five minute installation (which just involves undoing the chain tensioner sprocket, fitting the twister to the back of the bolt and then doing the bolt back up again, with no drilling, welding or cutting required) this problem will no longer be a problem. The following are the step by step instructions to have your iPaddock Twister chain tensioner solution installed within minutes:

  1. Remove the idler sprocket
  2. Keep the spacers
  3. Place The iPaddock Twister™. Rotation moves the hole position. Use a 3” bolt
  4. Rotate  The iPaddock Twister™  to tension the chain
  5. For the final adjustment be careful not to over tension the chain
  6. Refit the cover

At Thunderstruck Ag, we have The iPaddock Twister™ chain tensioner solution. It comes with an easy installation and simple instructions.

Farmers will also be pleased to know that iPaddock eliminated the reversing clutch from inside the drum. This was solved using The iPaddock Typhoon. This product eliminates the problem of the retractable things getting thrust inside the drum, using a 35 millimeter diamond of fully welded crankshaft. Of course this does not affect the capability to reverse the feed drum when needed.

These products are now found in  Canada and the United States; you can use these devices for the Macdon D60, Macdon D65, Macdon D/FD1 and John Deere. 

Thunderstruck™Ag Equipment distributes The iPaddock Twister  chain tensioner and the iPaddock Typhoon . View the complete list of benefits & features, ask for a quote and more by clicking here.

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