Harvest Precision Starts at the Header: Introducing Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines

Duck Foot paddle tines installed on combine

In today’s modern farming practices, precision and efficiency are essential components of a successful harvest. While farmers often focus on seeding and spraying, recognizing the importance of precision at the harvesting stage is crucial. Steve Kastning, the Founder and President of Duck Foot Parts Inc., has revolutionized harvest precision with the invention of Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines.

The changing landscape of farming has seen significant advancements in precision planting and spraying. However, according to Kastning, “at harvest, we just jump in the combine and go.” This approach leaves much to be desired in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Duck Foot® Parts aims to bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive solution to harvest precision, allowing farmers to optimize their harvesting process and minimize waste.

The inspiration for Duck Foot® came from the frustration of header loss and the inefficiency of crop feeding into the combine. As a Saskatchewan farmer himself, Kastning understands the challenges farmers face during harvest. “Being farmers ourselves, we share in the experience of our customers. We wanted to develop a product that would increase yield and save time for farmers during harvest.”

Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines are designed to fit over the existing tines on a header and are secured to the reel pipe by a patented clip system. The installation process is fast and easy, ensuring minimal downtime for busy farmers. By following specific recommendations for header settings, combine operators can keep the cutter bar clear, evenly feed the combine, slow their reel speed, and increase ground speed. The benefits of Duck Foot® extend beyond the harvesting process itself, resulting in reduced time in the field, decreased fuel consumption, and less wear and tear on equipment.

Field tests have demonstrated impressive results when using Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines, with up to 75% savings in header loss and an average ground speed increase of 27% in most crops. In the case of soybeans, where 80% of the losses are found at the header, the advantages of incorporating a precision tool like Duck Foot® are evident. The potential for increased yield and time savings make Duck Foot® an invaluable addition to any farming operation.

The importance of harvest precision cannot be overstated, as Kastning remarks, “If you aren’t incorporating harvest precision as part of your farming strategy, you’re leaving money on the ground.” Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines provide farmers with the opportunity to capitalize on their hard work and ensure that every harvest is as efficient and effective as possible.

Duck Foot Parts Inc. is committed to becoming the trusted name in header precision and harvest efficiency. By offering innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use products, the company aims to help farmers optimize their operations and maximize their profits. With the introduction of Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tines, farmers can now enjoy the full benefits of precision farming, from seeding and spraying to the final harvest.

The Duck Foot® Slip Over Paddle Tine is a game-changing invention that revolutionizes harvest precision and efficiency. By incorporating this tool into their farming strategy, farmers can save time, reduce waste, and increase yield, ensuring that they make the most of their hard work and investment. Don’t leave your harvest to chance – contact us today to see how a simple update can upgrade your operation. Call our office at 1-855-752-5525 to speak with one of our farm consultants now. 

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