Concave Disruptors

copperhead concave disruptors

Generally, when a combine is having rotor loss it’s due to an overloaded sieve. That may happen when there is a lot of material trying to be separated at once causing grain to be pushed out the back of the combine with the chaff. By using a set of concave disruptors in the separating grate section of your combine, you can cut in the flow of material as they go through the harvester combine. This helps the combine to move the chaff, which allows recollected grain to be dropped through to your sieves, rather than carrying out the back.

The main purpose of concave disruptors is to disrupt the flow of chaff as it makes its way over the separating grates to knock any remaining grains in the chaff loose instead of out the back, more grain in the bin, less on the ground that is more in money in your pocket.

At Thunderstruck Ag, we have John Deere and Case IH Concave Disruptors. They are designed to disrupt the flow of that material before it has the chance to send your profitability out to the ground.

Here at Thunderstruck Ag Equipment we offer two of the most efficient Concave Disruptors on the market. The John Deere Concave Disruptor and The Case IH Concave Disruptor. The following is a description of each one, so you get the most information out of each.

 John Deere Concave Disruptors 

These disruptors are lugs in the shape of a “U” that bolt up onto the separation grates from the bottom. Each lug has the two head ends of that “U” pointing up like fingers. Those fingers were created so that they could be modified to ensure space of the spikes on the rotor. They are made from light steel so they can flex or break while in service, rather than cracking a separation grate or a part on your rotor. 

Along with the disruptor we provide  you with spacer bars that are placed between the grates and the frame to plunge your grates and make more room for separation. Rather than dropping one side, like the stock spacers do, you have to install them on both sides of the combine harvester to create a level area with more space for your machine to work. This kit was first invented by Donnie Estes and sold right to Case IH in the 90’s. From that moment on it has been adapted to fit late model Case IH and John Deere combine machines.

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Case IH Concave Disruptors

The Case IH Concave Disruptor system interrupts or disrupts the flow of waste material before it has the risk to have your profitability hit  the ground. It comes with bars that bolt onto your key-stock, as well as a 12 rice spike threshing set, that is installed on the rotor. The combination of the bars and the spikes cause disruption in the flow of residue, getting grain through the grates and onto your sieves, instead of sending it to the ground. This kit was originally created to prevent the grain you paid to grow from falling out the back.

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