Concave Cover Plates

concave cover plate

To improve threshing during harvest, farmers and producers have created concave cover plates. These cover plates do or fulfill the same purpose as the filler plates on standard regular concaves. Cover plates are used for small grains. No cover plates are used for harvesting corn, but everything else would require cover plates. 

If you have ever run a combine as slowly as it can possibly go, you know that threshing is when material rubs on material and not the impact of the cylinder bars on the grain. After you intensify the travel speed the only thing that changes is the quantity of material coming into the combine. In that process, the rotor leads the heads throughout the combine concave before they are threshed and along that process some heads will be unthreshed, causing an excess in the return. These unthreshed heads will finish in the tank as a dirty sample out the back of the machine. That is why you need to have cover plates at the front of the concave, to hold the heads in place as much time as possible for the rub bars to separate the seeds out of the head. You will need to have as many cover plates as possible depending on how difficult the crop is to thresh in order to get proper threshing.

If you have more than one type of crop, and harvest in different ways, harvest cover plates will quickly and easily help you to adjust the threshing concave area and get the best performance without having to change the concaves.

At Thunderstruck Ag, we have John Deere and Case IH concave cover plates. They are designed for the Copperhead Concave system.

Many farmers don’t like to use cover plates because they add additional work to an already busy harvest season. Here at Thunderstruck Ag Equipment we offer two of the most high quality and easy to install concave cover plates on the market. The John Deere concave cover plate and The Case IH concave cover plate. These cover plates have an easy installation process. They hook over the back side of the concave and you tighten them up with one turnbuckle and they are also adjustable bushel crop speaking. Here is a short description of what these can do for your harvest.

Concave Cover Plate – Case IH & Concave Cover Plate – John Deere

These cover plates are specifically designed for the Copperhead Concave system. They are installed over a threshing bar on the passenger side of the combine and use a buckle system to tighten on the drivers side of the machine. The cover plates have an adjustable section that moves partially open or fully closed so that it controls the amount of flow of material out of the concave. When harder separating occurs in the field, the grain often needs to be held in the threshing system longer to fully thresh. Or, if cracking is happening, grain may need to be let through the concave at a faster frequency. With our system, you just have to slide open, close and add or remove any cover plates as necessary.