Proactive Planting Solutions

Blog | Nov 13 2018

No matter which stage you are in your farming operations, it’s never too early to begin thinking about next year’s planting season. Many farmers have similar goals; to get through the season in the most effective and efficient way, in hopes of producing and feeding the ever growing population. Here are our 4 planting products that will help any farmer reach closer to those goals.

MudSmith Gauge Wheels
For any farmer who dislikes continuously unplugging their planter gauge wheels, this product is for you. A 3-spoked wheel rim allows mud to pass through the wheel rather than getting plugged up. The cast iron bearing hub eliminates wheel wobble, and the modular design allows every part to be field replaceable, saving farmers time, stress, and money.

RRV Canola Disk
This disk has 90 cells in comparison to John Deere’s 45 cell disk. What this allows for is faster tractor speeds than the John Deere recommended 3-5 mph. The disk uses vacuum to suck the seed to it, rotates, and drops the seed down a seed tube into the ground. The knock-out wheel does exactly how it sounds, “knocking out” any stuck canola seeds or debris from the wheel.

Copperhead Ag Closing Wheels
Prevent clogging and work in all soils from sandy to heavy and clay based with Copperhead Ag Drill and Furrow Cruisers. This wheel will give you proper seed-to-soil contact that will ensure that population and emergence are at their full potential.

Yetter Residue Managers
While Yetter has several residue managers, there is one that is particularly popular, the 2967 Floating Combo Residue Manager. The main configuration for this product is with the Shark Tooth wheel and floating wheel. This residue manager can be adjusted to follow soil contour or be locked down to remove tough residue.