NEW! Copperhead Ag Concave System

Blog | Aug 20 2018

The Copperhead Ag Concave System originates from Donny Estes. He saw that rotor loss was an ongoing issue that OEM manufacturers did not prioritize. This concave was designed with removable and adjustable cover plates, allowing farmers to have one concave for all crops. The concave also utilizes notched round bars which let farmers speed up their combines, reducing fuel consumption, and eliminating rotor loss.

In 2018, Copperhead Ag received exclusive rights through a licensing deal to manufacture and sell the now Copperhead Ag Concave System. As a distributor of Copperhead Ag Products, you can now get purchase the Concave System at Thunderstruck Ag! We are the exclusive distributor across Canada for this product.

Product Benefits
  • Eliminates rotor loss
  • Increase capacity in all crops
  • Decrease grain damage (fewer cracks, splits, and broken cobs)
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Cleaner grain sample
  • Eliminate changing concaves for different crops
  • Increase harvested bushels/acre
  • Run combine on slower rotor speed
  • Unloads the concave quicker
  • 10X threshing improvement (compared to round bar design)

Learn more by visiting the Copperhead Ag Concave System product page.