Innovative Harvesting Solutions

Blog | Jul 05 2019

With harvest just around the corner, it’s important to have the right tools to maximize your efficiency in the field. Check out our selection of harvest products that we guarantee will make harvest season a breeze.

Copperhead Ag Concave System

The Copperhead Ag Concave System has proved to be the best set of concaves, time and time again. The notched pac-man-like bars allow for grain on grain threshing without damaging your crop while the removable cover plates allow multiple crops to be threshed without the need to swap out concaves.

Yetter Stalk Devastator

Stalk Devastators are applied to corn headers to roll out corn stalks. This helps with tire protection and allows for the microbial breakdown and decomposition of residue to progress. The rollers are easy to install and will not interfere with most header carts.

Protexia Plastics

Repel birds, rodents and raccoons with the Agrirepel additive in Protexia Plastics. If rodents aren’t a problem for you, but quality of wrap is, we have a solution for that. We recommend six wraps for your bales, reducing waste and saving you money.

Check out our bale wrap savings calculator here.