4 Skidsteer and Loader Attachments for Winter 2018

Blog | Sep 21 2018

Fall is well on its way which means snow will be appearing in the very near future. Ordering your snow attachments before the rush is key in making sure you’re prepared for the Canadian winter season.  We’ve put together a list of the most purchased attachments for winter and what they are most used for, see below.

Snow Bucket
There are various buckets that we suggest for snow removal, depending on your snow clearing needs. If you need to reach the top of your dump truck, the High Dump Bucket is the attachment for you. If you require to move large loads of snow, the High Volume Snow & Material Bucket is what you need. If you want something that you would like to use in all seasons, the 4 in 1 Bucket will do the trick.

Snow Pusher
This attachment is perfect for commercial and personal use. From sidewalks and driveways to streets and parking lots, this heavy duty Snow Pusher will make big jobs seem small. The side plates on this attachment act as a block to snow pile up on the sides. This allows for you to push snow straightforward while eliminating the need to clean up side walls.

Hydraulic Angle Snow Blade
Get snow clearing done quick and easy with the Jenkins Iron & Steel 6 Way Dozer Blade.

Clean up what remains under the snow with the Jenkins Iron & Steel Sweeper. What was once on the ground won’t be when you pass through with this Sweeper.


Jenkins Iron and Steel

Skid Steer & Loader Attachment