$100 off the Skeleton Grapple

Blog | Feb 01 2019

The most versatile of all attachments, the Skeleton Grapple is great for those who need many uses out of a single attachment. The 3″ spacing between tines allows dirt and small rocks to sift through the bucket, while carrying larger materials. The grapple also utilizes dual cylinder grapples, allowing it to close to different levels for uneven loads. Side plates are also removable¬†so that long material can be easily picked up.¬†Available in sizes 62″, 68″, 74″, 78″, and 84″.

Order any size of the Skeleton Grapple during the month of February 2019 to receive $100 off. Free shipping is included on all attachment purchases.

Watch this video to see the Skeleton Grapple in action.