$100 off the Brush Grapple

Blog | May 01 2019

The Jenkins Iron & Steel Brush Grapple features a 50” bite powered by twin 3000lb cylinders and fish tooth serrations on the teeth. See what Josh M. has to say about it:

We’ve been using your Brush Grapple for under six (6) months. This letter is to close a much-anticipated understanding or completion in validation – the best move we ever made. Skepticism, an issue in purchasing, can only be cured by means of validation. A tool we must all utilize but is invisible when purchasing anything. This email should secure any reader or employee or potential customer, of how good of a job you folks really do. We purchased the grapple after two (2) months of research. We use it in vast extreme conditions. Metal, plastic, agriculture, clearing land, literally smashing washer & dryers for compaction. Wow, all part of its functions. Everyone wants something for less, one like this. A universal grapple for less money? Spend money wisely, a term everyone understands? This is a universal product, heavy gauge, strong, durable, fearless, well stated, well named, a “beast”. Sure you can get grapples for a $1000- $1500. They will work, they will perform but understand, you will replace them or, simply put, lose money. Make no mistake, this is the “beast”, but not just a beast. It’s in a class of its own. It expands the ability of you -the owner. Our only problem is we’ve had more tire failures on our skid loader which should tell you that it can’t keep up with it. Wow. Best investment we ever made. Thank you for the effort. In a world of technology, people make the difference. Great work.

Available in sizes 66”, 76”, and 86”.

Order any size of the Brush Grapple during the month of May 2019 to receive $100 off. Free shipping is included on all attachment purchases.

Watch this video to see the Brush Grapple in action.